Become an "IMIS" Partner

Dear partners, we invite you to cooperate with the IMIS International Motorcycle Salon!
We invite you to participate as a general organization partner of the IMIS Motorcycle Salon in St. Petersburg in 2020! The unique motorcycle event will be held at the territory of the ExpoForum exhibition complex.

Today it is the largest motor show in Russia. IMIS have been gathering the brightest and most interesting representatives of the world motor industry and motorcycle society every year since 2010.

More than 200 world brands, companies and organizations were represented at the 20,000-sq.m exhibition area in 2018. More than 60 thousand people visited this 3-day event.

Based on the international experience of holding such exhibitions, we offer you a unique advertising campaign aimed at a brand recognition, and as a result, sales increase, consumers audience expand and the loyalty of existing customers increase.
The main advertising campaign tools:

Media and Internet:
- Mainstream media: Television, FM Radio, Magazines and print media
- Direct advertising;
- Targeted advertising (main social networks - VK, FB, Instagram);
- Videos placement and promotion (You Tube);
- Thematic blogs, online publications;
- Partner sites and other connected Internet sources posting;
- Online-radio.

Visual advertising:
- Outdoor advertising (posters, billboards, city format, public transport);
- Promotional printed products of motor events (flyers, tickets);
- An address-based placement program advertising video (street screens);

ExpoForum event participation:
- An exhibition grounds space providing on a priority basis + the promo events option;
- Company's brand name Integration into the exhibition design elements (entrance group, stage, main hall, street zone);
- Company advertising media placement (exhibition area);
- Broadcasting commercials option (exhibition main screen);
- Main stage presentations on behalf of the presenter;
- Partner company representatives may take part in all the special events of the exhibition!
Advertising Collaboration
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Vladimir Pakhomov
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